Knitting for Grandkids – Hoodie

I think, for a really fun knitting experience and the gratification of seeing the grandkids choosing to wear your efforts, this combo of yarn and pattern can’t be beat.

I hope my grandchildren will want to wear the clothes I knit for them. So the clothes I knit need to be comfortable and appealing to the wearer
(and for the parents, the clothes need to be able to be washed and dried by machine) Also, for me to enjoy knitting, the clothing and the yarn must appeal to me as well.  This is a bit of a tall order, but Spud and Chloe yarn is my go-to yarn, it is not itchy and is machine washable, it is available in lovely colours and the yarn is fun to knit with. This hoodie is from  my favourite hoodie pattern, “The Wonderful Wallaby A Hooded Sweater for All Ages” by Cottage Creations. I do alter the hood pattern to make it rounded. To do this I use the hood from  a pattern called Aire River by Georgie Nicolson.

Rounded Hood
Hoodies are loved by my grandkids
kids love this pouch

Cooking with my Grandson

6-year-old Grandson cooks his own breakfast

When my Grandson saw his sister cooking, he too wanted to make something.  Since he is still quite little, we decided that he could make himself a breakfast of melted cheese on rice cakes.  To do this, he had to turn on the oven, I marked the dial with a red felt pen so he could select the correct temperature.  I also bought him a silicone cookie sheet to which we attached two bull-dog clips and a string to go around his neck.  This made a fine heat proof apron for him so he could not burn himself if he leaned into the open oven door

silicon cookie sheet “apron” and silicon oven mitts
Melted Cheese on Rice Cakes Snack or Breakfast

Knitting for Grandkids

When I knit for my Grandchildren, I hope they will want to wear the clothes I make for them.  This means that the clothing needs to be comfortable, durable, and appealing to the wearer.  (It also means that, for the parents, the clothing must be able to be washed and dried by machine.) And, as well, I need to be able to enjoy the knitting process. This is a tall order but I have found a yarn that fulfills all our needs – Spud and Chloe sweater yarn. I also rely on my two favourite designers of knitted wear for children, Jil Eaton and Debbie Bliss.

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